A program of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®

How Do YOU Want to Engage?

You can begin a relationship with a new non-profit organization that serves children in your community to create a new Bright Space or you can connect with an existing Bright Space partner to support through Brightening Lives Activities or volunteering.

Not sure what direction is right for you and your team? Here are some questions that might help.

Agency Relationship

  • Is there a nonprofit agency partner in my community that would welcome the creation of a Bright Space, perhaps one that we already support in other ways? (CREATE, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES)
  • Is there a nonprofit agency partner in my community that currently has a Bright Space that could use support? (CONNECT, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES,  OR VOLUNTEER)

Time Commitment

  • Does my team want to take on a big, one-time project and then commit to providing ongoing support for the Bright Space?  (CREATE, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES)
  • Does my team want to develop and sustain a relationship with an existing Bright Space agency? (CONNECT, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES, VOLUNTEER)


  • Is my team willing to host fundraising events to help raise the funds necessary to design, create, and support a Bright Space or a smaller Nook that could grow into a Bright Space over time?  (If you have trouble raising funds, we will have a limited pool of Assistance Grants may be available). (CREATE, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES)
  • Is my team interested in participating in Brightening Lives Activities, volunteering time, and/or raising funds to help a Bright Space?  (CONNECT, BRIGHTENING LIVES ACTIVITIES, VOLUNTEER)

Whatever you decide, the Bright Space team is here to support you!  Go back and review the tabs on the Opportunities for Engagement webpage, then register your interest in getting involved.

This is YOUR Foundation!