A program of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®

Brightening Lives Activities

Brightening Lives Activities are simple ways for Bright Horizons employees and families to make a difference in their communities by collecting or creating essential items for children and families experiencing a crisis.

Here’s how to make a difference:

Before your Brightening Lives Activity

  1. Check our map to see if there is a Bright Space agency near you.
  2. Review the agency’s site for information about the program and their needs.
    • Do they have a wish list? Use that as a guide when choosing your Brightening Lives Activity.
  3. Contact the agency.
    • Discuss their needs.
    • Use this form to guide the conversation.
  4. Communicate with the Foundation about your event by emailing jgibbons@brighthorizons.com.
  5. Spread the word!
    • Click on the activities below to customize a poster for your event, or create your own.
    • Tell people about your event on social media.

After your Brightening Lives Activity

  1. Thank everyone who participated in this activity.
  2. Tell us about your event (how many people participated, how many items you collected) by emailing the information to jgibbons@brighthorizons.com.
  3. Share the results of your activity on social media and/or BrightNOW.

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