A program of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®

Brightening Lives Activities during the Pandemic

Read a book on video.

The Foundation appreciates all the HEART Bright Horizons employees are showing right now. We know how much you want to help children and families in crisis – we do, too!

While we have asked that all in-person volunteering at Bright Space agencies be put off until a later and safer date, there are some Brightening Lives Activities that can be done at a distance to help support our Bright Space agency partners and children and families in crisis. The following ideas can be done by children, staff, and families at Bright Horizons hub centers, or they could be adapted for individuals to do at home.

Video Conferencing Ideas

  • Read a children’s book. Many shelters have a limited number of books, and watching someone else read a favorite book out loud would be a great activity.
  • Host a sing along and teach children and staff a new song, or share favorite songs together.
  • Share a Show and Tell activity together.

Financial Options*

  • Many agencies have active Amazon wish lists that allow you to purchase items they need. Items are then delivered by Amazon directly to the agency. You can search the agency website or call them to find out how to access their list.
  • You can make a direct monetary donation with your personal funds to the agency of your choice.
  • You can make a direct donation to our Foundation to help us with our work when the hold on Bright Space activity is lifted.

Make notes to share with residents of a local assisted living center.

Encouraging Messages

  • Make a banner to hang outside an agency or a Bright Horizons center.
  • Have children make cards and/or staff write notes to support first responders, Bright Space agencies, seniors that are on lockdown, etc.
  • Record short video messages from children, families, staff, or individuals and email or post on social media (with permission).

These are just a few ideas of Brightening Lives Activities that can be done at a distance. We encourage you and your team to be creative as well. We are so proud of the Bright Horizons spirit of giving back to the communities where we live and work. Thanks for reaching out and for caring. Take care and stay safe.


  • While the Bright Space program is temporarily on hold, no Bright Spaces funds can be accessed. Any purchases or donations will need to be collected separate from the Foundation.