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Vicky Douglas, Director, Receives Gleason Grant

Please join us in congratulating Vicky Douglas, Director of Bright Horizons at Tenth Street in Minneapolis, for being honored with a Gleason Grant. The Midwest Peregrine Society will be receiving a check for $250 in her honor.

Starting in February/March, volunteers all over the Midwest begin to watch for signs of peregrine falcons returning to the area. Vicky and a friend were given five sites around the State of Minnesota and one in Wisconsin. It takes hours of observing just to confirm that there is a nesting pair. Vicky and her friend were excited to see three of their six sites begin incubating. One of the sites is in downtown Minneapolis where Vicky works, so it has been fun for her to observe the four babies as they get ready to fledge.

Vicky says that peregrines are amazing birds and that one of the exciting things about this volunteer experience is that next year they will see if the same pair of birds return or if new birds take over the sites.