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Valerie Babbe, Preschool Teacher, receives Gleason Grant

Please join us in congratulating Valerie Babbe, Preschool Teacher 3’s at Bright Horizons Family Center – Del Mar, for her continual volunteer work with Boy Scouts of America – San Diego Imperial Council. They will be receiving a check for $250 in her honor. Valerie has been involved in the Boy Scouts for the last 15 years and loves taking part in each and every one of her positions. She volunteers 300 hours per year!

As a Merit Badge Counselor she is a teacher, a mentor, an examiner and a coach to the Scout as he works on his merit badge. Making sure that each Scout under her guidance meets all the requirements set forth for the merit badge, helping them over the difficult hurdles of those requirements, and testing them to ensure that they have completed all of the required work.

As Torrey Pines Training Chair she reports to the district program chair, establishes district training objectives to train leaders, participates in council meetings dealing with training policies/program/procedures, recruits and orients people for the training committee and course instructors, plans and coordinates an annual district training program, and evaluates and reports on training progress.

As a Troop 295 Committee Member some of her volunteer responsibilities include recruiting new adult leaders, providing a place for the troop to meet, making sure the troop charter is renewed on time annually, ensuring that the troop has a strong outdoor program, , working with the youth leaders and the Scoutmaster to deliver a quality year-round program to the youth, maintaining a troop treasury, purchasing equipment as necessary, finding resources so that all troop members may participate regardless of need, and encouraging all adults in the troop to obtain the appropriate training for their positions.