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Unique Music Studio Bright Space Opens in Memory of Special Young Man

August 1, 2013

The family of Tyler Montgomery were devastated by his tragic death in a car accident last June, just Tylera month before his 20th birthday. They wanted to find a special way to honor his memory.

Tyler’s cousin, Candice Amour, Center Director at UChicago Child Development Center, knew about Bright Spaces and contacted the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children to see about creating one in Tyler’s memory.

A year later, a very unique Bright Space opened: the The TwoCanSam Recording Studio at the Guardian Angel Community Services’ Dillard Harris Education Center in Joliet, IL. Tyler was a gifted aspiring musician, and TwoCanSam was Tyler’s name in a local rap group. The opening was held in celebration of what would have been Tyler’s 21st birthday.

StudioThis music studio will be used to for music therapy and music education in Tyler’s memory. Students from second to twelfth grade will be able to go in and do music and work through their issues, according to program director Laura Coan.

“Because of the Foundation, we do get to celebrate Tyler and because of the Foundation, Tyler’s legacy will live on,” said Candice. “Our family is devastated with the loss of Tyler and our hearts ache, but because of this wonderful opportunity to create a space for Tyler to ‘live’ through, we have begun to fill our hearts with love and hope for the children that will use this recording studio.  You have given us a wonderful outlet for healing.  This is the greatest gift.”

Watch a special video tour of the Bright Space. It not only shows the room….but Tyler’s music is playing in the background.  A song called “UP”..one of Tyler’s last songs he recorded before his death.  It is about being positive and not getting down and being true to yourself not matter how much people or life circumstances try to put you down.