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Twin Teens Help Create Tewksbury Bright Space

March 18, 2016

The teenage twins of Bright Horizons employee Denise Frost were part of the team that helped set up the Tewskbury, MA, State Hospital Bright Space where fathers in recovery can play with their children. Here are their own words about the experience:

Lucas Frost“Volunteering to help create the Bright Space at the Tewksbury Hospital meant a great deal to me. To know that I was helping these children have a place to play when they are visiting really made me feel good,” said Lucas. “It was exciting to watch the Bright Space go from an ugly corner to an inviting play space.”

Isabelle Frost“The experience was eye opening,” said Isabelle. “It made me understand how those men lived and in what conditions their kids were put in when they came to visit. Being able to see what those kids had to play with while they were visiting their dads and making a whole new better space for them was a very humbling experience that I was glad to be a part of.”

Thank you Lucas and Isabel for making a difference!