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Three Bright Spaces created by Cisco Family Connections in San Jose for Women and Children Affected by Domestic Violence

November 18, 2013

Cisco 12“For this project, we created 3 distinct areas for children between the ages of 2 and 17 that include an art studio, a teen space, and preschool exploration room,” explains Center Director Raju Parikh, worked closely with her team of teachers at Cisco Family Connection (CFC), one of Cisco’s onsite child care centers, to bring the project to fruition. In addition, there was strong support from Cisco, collaboration from the CFC Parent Leadership Team at the center, and many parent volunteers who contributed and raised funds for the project.

“Before Bright Horizons, Next Door Solutions utilized used and donated toys and goods for the children; we never dreamed we could have this beautiful space that integrates education and art. Thank you Bright Horizons, we are very grateful.” Kathleen Krenek, Executive Director of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence.

Children of all ages thrive when they have a safe place in which to explore the world around them, filled with books, toys and activities that are developmentally appropriate and provide an opportunity for them to discover the magic of childhood. Children experiencing stress especially need access to these kinds of child-friendly spaces that prove to be therapeutic for their well-being.

“I can’t express the joy that was felt as those children walked into their new space for the first time,” said Leyla Pinsent, program director at Cisco Family Connections.

Next Door Solutions seeks “to end domestic violence in the moment and for all time.” Next Door promotes safety for battered women and their children through emergency shelter; multiple points of entry for victims; individuals, system and institutional advocacy; crisis intervention; education for victims and the community; and the changing of community norms through prevention activities.