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Team of Volunteers Receive Grant to Refresh Bright Space®

May 7, 2019

Staff from Early Discoveries recently completed a refresher of a Bright Space at A Safe Place in Zion, Illinois. A Safe Place is a domestic violence shelter which provides a variety of services to support victims as they transform their lives after domestic violence.

The effort was coordinated by Bright Space Connector Rachel Belk, an Education Coordinator at Early Discoveries. After they had donated new furniture and supplies to the Bright Space, the agency “mentioned that the room hadn’t been painted in a long time and asked if we could possible supply paint for the room,” said Rachel. She went a step further than just supplying the paint. Rachel offered to get a group together to help paint the space. She brought the idea to the center at a monthly staff meeting and a group of 10 stepped up to paint the Bright Space.

Rachel applied for and received a Bright Space Grant to help cover the cost of the paint and related materials for the event. The 10 staff members from Early Discoveries spent a Saturday morning painting the Art Therapy room at the agency, which is used by children who are staying in the transitional living shelter.

Rachel and her team are in frequent contact with A Safe Place to make sure they are supporting them in the best way possible. In a few weeks, they will be helping A Safe Place with their spring cleanup.

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children is focused on brightening the lives of children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness and other crises. This is done by partnering with shelters and other agencies to create Bright Spaces, where children can play and experience the joys of childhood. For more information, visit our website www.brightspaces.org/. More information about Bright Space Grants, including the application, can be found on our BrightWeb page.