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Seattle Walk On Huge Success

Seattle Walk On 2For the fifth year in a row, the Seattle centers have hosted a very successful Walk On fundraiser for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

More than 20 centers and 200 people from Division 10 and Division 12 participated to raise more than $60,000.  Over the five years, the Seattle Walk Ons have raised more than $230,000.

“That money has helped us do many great things,” said Recruitment Manager Maggie Brower, one of the Walk On organizers.  The funds have helped to:

  • Open Bright Spaces on both the East Side and in Seattle
  • Refresh some of our already existing Bright Spaces
  • Fulfill more grants in honor of our employees who are volunteering outside of work
  • Supported the overall work of the Foundation

The day was a fun celebration, with much more than just a walk available for employees and families. Other activities included a raffle for gift baskets, a tug of war, hula hoops, making bubbles, and more.

“There is an amazing team that works together every year to make this event happen,” said Maggie. “Everyone who participates is part of a great force in doing good for others.”

A Walk On is a walk-a-thon led by Bright Horizons staff, children, and families. The goal is to raise money and awareness about the needs of children in crisis. Walk Ons raise money to help the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children brighten the lives of children who are homeless or experiencing other major crises. For more information, contact the Foundation at bhfoundation@brighthorizons.com. Or visit www.brightspaces.org/walk-on/.