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School Supply Drive is a Great Way to Support a Bright Space

September 5, 2013

Backpack 1 smImagine waking up for the first day of school – taking a shower in the community shower at the shelter and getting on the bus, hoping no one realizes that you are homeless. Maybe the school is even a new school because it’s in a different part of town than the house you used to live in, and now you don’t know anyone. Imagine arriving empty-handed – without a backpack, or pencils, or notebooks like all of the other kids.

One of the great ways to support an existing Bright Space through the Adopt A Bright Space program is to host collection drives at certain times of the year – like collecting school supplies and book bags for children living in a shelter before the start of school.

Bright Horizons employee volunteers at Discovery Kids Place in Silver Spring, MD, were able to collect 125 backpacks worth of school supplies, which allowed them to actually help THREE Bright Spaces in their area:

  • BS 1241 Stepping Stone in Rockville received 30 backpacks
  • BS 1161 Families Foremost received 50 backpacks
  • BS 1118 Dayspring received 45 backpacks

“This year, we were able to provide 52 of our past and current families with backpacks filled with grade-appropriate supplies,” said Liz Trabucco, Donations and Volunteer Coordinator for Stepping Stones Shelter. “Thank you for working with us to ensure each child who comes through our shelter has all the materials needed for a successful school year.”

If you and your team are interested in Adopting A Bright Space and hosting a collection drive for things like socks and shoes, winter coats, pajamas, baby supplies, or Christmas presents, please contact the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children at brightspaces@brighthorizons.com. We can help you find a Bright Space that could use your help, and give you tips on the best ways to support it.