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Regional Manager Angella Schroller Receives Gleason Grant

October 30, 2013

Please join us in congratulating Angella Schroller, Regional Manager–Montessori Schools Division 9 Region D, for being honored with a Gleason Grant.  The Bonfil Blood Center in Denver, CO will receive a check for $250 in her name.

Angella donates platelets approximately every two weeks, giving about 2 ½ hours for each donation.  Her high platelet count allows her to give double (and sometimes triple) units each donation, helping many burn victims, open-heart surgery patients, those with clotting disorders and cancer patients.  Being an HLA match for one particular patient, she was often called this year specifically to donate for them. 

Our special thanks to Diane Trister Dodge, Founder of Teaching Strategies, a member of the Bright Horizons Education Advisory Board and a friend of the Foundation. Her generous donation in honor of retired Foundation President, Dave Gleason, supports the Gleason Grant Program.