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Preschool Teacher Helps Children Understand Compassion for Others

October 11, 2012

I am Ethan Fabrycky from Bright Horizons Tyson Corner at Pinnacle Drive in Northern VA. I am the Preschool teacher and have been with Bright Horizons for 5 years. I volunteered to be the BFF (Best Foundation Friend or Foundation Champion) for our center because I suggested the goal of $1,250 and I wanted to see that it was met.

To meet this goal, we kicked off the campaign with a contest to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar.

We followed that with two books sales and we auctioned items at a staff meeting. Next we got the children involved with a cup cake sale. The children baked cupcakes, and made icing and decorated the cupcakes the day before the sale. They made signs to prepare for the sale in the previous week. On the day of the sale the children and teachers went to the building lobby where we set up a table, displayed the cupcakes and talked with people about the Foundation and the Bright Spaces that the money would help to support. The children accepted donations for the cupcakes. We made $450 on the cupcake sale.

Next, we had a lemonade stand in the building lobby serving lemonade to people and accepting donations. Again the children talked about The Foundation and what the money would be used for as they asked for open donations. We made slightly more on the lemonade than we did on the cupcakes.

Finally the goal was met when we raffled a back to school bundle that included donated items: a backpack, lunch box, and many school supplies. All items were donated by staff and administrators.

We have been very busy between peak time and fundraising. It has been a great experience and I have enjoyed sharing the Foundation message with the children in preparing them to share with others about our Foundation’s work in helping homeless children. This has been a great way to help children with understanding and compassion as they grow and explore “Our World.”