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Finding Joy Through Creating Bright Spaces®

April 5, 2019

Creating Bright Spaces is a crucial part of helping children and families in crisis, and some Bright Horizons® employees and centers have gone even a step further and created multiple Bright Spaces over the years. Employees like Center Director Nedlan Smith and Office Manager Nicole Thrasher, who both work at TSYS Learning Center in Georgia. …Read More

Bright Horizons® Volunteers ‘Connect’ to the Bright Spaces Agencies

A crucial role in our ability to support and sustain our existing Bright Spaces® are the Connector volunteers who act as the liaison between their Bright Horizons center or office and the agency where the Bright Space is located. Recently, three Connectors talked about what it was like to be a Connector, and why they …Read More

Brightening Lives Activities Build Teamwork

While Brightening Lives Activities – fun, easy volunteer projects – are great to do to give back to your community, they also can fulfill a valuable function of team building at events like Division 2’s recent Professional Development Day (PDD). The Bright Space® at the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center in Washington, D.C., a center …Read More

Teacher Angela Diekhaus’s Work Rescuing Cats and Kittens Honored with Gleason Volunteer Grant

“At one point growing up, we had our childhood dog, a cat, a hedgehog, a hamster, a guinea pig, a couple of birds and a tank filled with fish,” says Associate Teacher Angela Diekhaus. “I rescued and brought home every one of them, except our dog and one of the birds.” In fact, she loved …Read More

New Bright Space® Opens in Dorchester, MA

March 26, 2019

Welcome to our new Bright Space at St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children in Dorchester, MA. St. Mary’s Center offers innovative and family-centered programs for more than 600 women and children a year who have experienced trauma and are living in poverty. The new Bright Space provides an inside space for active play and …Read More

Gary O’Neil Named President of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

March 25, 2019

Gary O’Neil will expand his role with the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children as the new President. He has served on the Foundation’s Board for 15 years, the last 9 as Board Chair, a position he will also retain. Gary will lead the development of the Foundation’s strategy, provide oversight of programmatic execution, and refine …Read More

The Foundation is Celebrating 20 Years of Brightening Lives

March 20, 2019

Twenty years ago, Bright Horizons employees created the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children to bring to life a core component of our mission – to make a difference in the lives of children and families in the communities where we live and work.  The Foundation would allow us to extend our child development expertise beyond …Read More

Great Infant and Children Space Renovated at St. Jemuel in New York Thanks to Greenman Gift Grant from Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®

March 4, 2019

Children at the St. Jemuel Group Family Daycare in New York City are enjoying a wonderful new space thanks to the 2018 Greenman Gift grant and the efforts of Bright Horizons® volunteers. St. Jemuel received the 2018 Greenman Gift, a $35,000 grant, to redesign and renovate their infant and toddler rooms. The funds were used …Read More

Negative Childhood Experiences Affect Development: The Science of Epigenetics Explains Why

March 1, 2019

By Ileen Henderson, National Director of Bright Spaces Epigenetics is an emerging area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences—children’s experiences—actually affect the expression of their genes. According to resources from the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University, injurious experiences, such as malnutrition, exposure to chemical toxins or drugs, and toxic stress …Read More

New Bright Space® Opens in New York City

February 25, 2019

We are excited to announce the opening of a new Bright Space® at the Regent Family Residence in New York City. Regent Family Residence is operated by Volunteers of America and serves 130 homeless families. Bright Horizons client SOM, a multinational design firm, funded the transformation and thanks to their sponsorship, we were able to …Read More

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