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New Outdoor Bright Space Created by Greenman Award Winner Linda Oury

October 20, 2016

new-moms-1Children at New Moms, a homeless shelter for moms and children in Chicago, have a new safe and secure green oasis outside Bright Space with enough interesting activities to keep children engaged while parents can relax.

During the last two years, Linda Oury, Vice President of Marketing Operations for Bright Horizons, has been working in partnership with the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children and New Moms Inc. to make the outdoor Bright Space become a reality.  In 2014, Oury was named the recipient of the Jim Greenman Award, being honored for her demonstrated leadership within Bright Horizons and making a lasting impact by advocating for the needs of all children.  With winning the Greenman award, Oury was given the opportunity to create a Bright Space at the location of her choice, and Oury began plans for the outdoor Bright Space at New Moms, Inc.

“I am so grateful to all of the parties who made this outdoor Bright Space possible from the Foundation which envisioned Bright Spaces in the first place, to Bright Horizons for the award money that started this project, to each person who played a unique role,” said Linda.  “Creating this playground was a true team effort, and it is exciting that we were able to transform this space.”

new-moms-2Watching the children playing during the opening was very satisfying for Linda.

“The one year olds went down the slide after trudging up the hill; older kids rolled down it while a “drum off” was happening in another corner; and the sandbox was used by others in yet a different area,” she says, “all due to a terrific design that allowed for these natural divisions.”

At Bright Horizons, the Greenman Award is given in memory of child care advocate and visionary Jim Greenman, who set standards and gave Bright Horizons colleagues the tools to provide the best care and early education for children and their families. This award celebrates the lifetime achievement of one individual who has furthered Jim’s work by recognizing the wonders of the early years; making significant contributions to programs and environments that support the development of young children; committing to emergent curriculum; and investing in family partnerships to strengthen the learning experience of children, their teachers, and families.