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New Bright Space School Opens in California

February 19, 2013

Center Director Kim Thorstenson Root and her team at the Children’s Center for Taco Bell initially planned to create a Bright Space at the Project HOPE School (now Skyview Elementary & Middle) in California. The school provides education and stability for homeless children 51 weeks a year.

Bright Horizons client Taco Bell got so excited by the Bright Space project that they decided to fund an Extreme Makeover for the School, Bright Space style!

(See a photo album of the space on Facebook.)

“As I hoped would be true, superior surroundings do facilitate superior behavior. My students have demonstrated increased focus academically, and kindness toward each other since moving into our new space,” said one teacher.

“We thought Extreme Home Makeover came to our school!” said one student. “This is now the nicest school I’ve ever been to.”

Homelessness has a profound impact on children and their ability to succeed in an academic environment. Homeless children’s academic performance is hampered both by their poor cognitive development and by the circumstances of their homelessness. Now a public kindergarten through 8th grade school located in the city of Orange, Skyview Elementary and Middle School provides a stable, safe, happy, encouraging, and consistent school environment for children who have little stability in their lives otherwise.