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New Bright Space® opens at Sulzbacher Village in Jacksonville, FL

December 3, 2018

We are excited to announce that Citi Family Center in Jacksonville, FL, recently opened a Bright Space® at Sulzbacher Village with funding from Citi. The Bright Space is located in the Crawford Early Learning Center, which provides child care for children from birth to age five living at Sulzbacher Village. Special thanks to Regional Manager Carol Stegall and Center Director Elizabeth Powers for leading this project.

Citi Family Center and Citi have had a long term relationship with Sulzbacher Village. They opened their first Bright Space in the former location in 2012 and continued to support the Bright Space. Sulzbacher Village recently opened a campus that is designed as a community where women, families, and children can live and access the services they need to put their lives back together. Citi Family Center staff worked closely with the Sulzbacher Early Learning Center Director to create the new Bright Space, and they continue to support the Sulzbacher Village by providing Why Knot blankets, personal care kits, back to school supplies and much more throughout the year.