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New Bright Space Opens at Illinois Food Kitchen

July 30, 2015

PADSWelcome to our newest Bright Space, a school-age space with a featured homework area at the PADS/Sharing Hands at St. Mary of Vernon in Illinois, a food kitchen.

Natalie Foss, a teacher at Bright Horizons North Kennicutt , was familiar with PADS (Providing Advocacy, Dignity, and Shelter) because her mom is the food coordinator for the food kitchen. She worked together with Regional Manager Penny Zimmerman and Center Director Sara Torres to make the Bright Space happen.

“We feel that the children look for and need the attention of our wonderful teen and adult volunteers, but we are limited with the supplies we have to work with,” said Natalie’s mom Loretta. “The Bright Space gives the children the opportunity to ‘learn’ in a fun way through computers, have their own work space, and get the help they might need.”