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New Bright Space in Pennsylvania Supports Victims of Domestic Violence

April 10, 2015

Our newest Bright Space recently opened for Center for Victims, a domestic violence shelter in McKeesport, PA. More than 200 children a year will be able to use the Bright Space.

Project leaders Aimee Mitchel, Director at Bright Horizons Child Development Center on the Golden Mile, and Gretchen Love, Director at the O’Brien Family Center, led a team of Bright Horizons volunteers to renovate spaces common area spaces on the second and third floors and a children’s place area on the first floor.

Center for Victims“We really felt there was a great need for a Bright Space and our talents could be well-utilized in this space,” Love said.

All rooms have been repainted in various shades of soothing green. The common rooms have new televisions, chairs, and other furniture. The children’s playroom has two new computers, books, building blocks, board games, a plastic dining room including a play kitchen, and dress-up outfits that include police officers, firefighters and doctors.

“The idea was to encourage spaces that were homelike for the residents so they had a place to go watch TV or do homework with their child,” said Mitchell, “somewhere that feels like a living room. That’s the goal.

“The families and children that come to us obviously experience something traumatic,” said Tracey Provident, Center for Victims chief program officer. “We want the spaces in our building to be inviting, to be comforting, supportive. You want to feel you’re welcomed here. One of the things I think this space does is provide (a place for) moms and their children to have quiet time, read books together, and have a more positive interaction; really help them (with) healing.”