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New Bright Space® Created for Children with Open Abuse and Neglect Court Cases

May 12, 2015

CASA BSCASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties in Colorado teamed up with the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children® to create a Bright Space in the Adams County Courthouse for kids with open abuse and neglect cases. The space will serve as a safe, comfortable, and kid-friendly alternative to the stark wooden benches in the courtrooms.

CASA Advocates have always encouraged their CASA kids to attend court when appropriate to nurture self-efficacy, confidence, and empowerment. Judges have also made efforts for the kids to attend the court hearings to put a face to the child whose future they hold in their hands. Through the eyes of a child, one can imagine that the courtroom filled with strange faces, adults in suits, and a person in a black robe can undoubtedly be intimidating and maybe even frightening. For this reason, the idea of a Bright Space within the courthouse was born.

Over the past several months, CASA and Bright Horizons worked together to plan, design, and execute the Bright Space project. Volunteers and Bright Horizons staff physically transformed the area from a sterile eggshell white to a CASA-colored space filled with furniture and a range of age-appropriate items.

CASA Advocates now have a cozy functional space to bring their CASA kids as they wait for the court hearing to be called. CASA kids can sit with their advocates before and after court to discuss the proceedings, read, have a snack, play a game, or color a picture instead of wait anxiously in a large courtroom.