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National Volunteer Week: Making a Difference

April 16, 2015

100 Miles for Homeless Children

Matt Schrade, Director of LVWD School’s Out! program in Las Vegas, recently raised more than $1,100 towards a new Bright Space at Family Promise by running 100 miles in the Vegas Moonlight Ultra.

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children® helped Matt by working with him to develop a fundraising website.  Although Matt had run relay races, half marathons, and marathons, he wanted to push himself to see if he could complete 100 miles.

Matt Schrade at finish line“The run was crazy,” said Matt. “Around the 45 mile mark, my wife and best friend pulled out due to injuries, and I was by myself for the rest of the night. The sun came up around 6 a.m., and my wife and friend were back at it. By that time, I was 70 miles in – knees were beginning to ache, and ankles were beginning to swell. My wife and friend finally finished their 100k, and I had about 10 miles left. These were the worst 10 miles in my life, but I stayed with it and finally finished at 7:15 p.m. It took me 24 hours and 57 minutes, and I was 3rd male overall which is very exciting.”

Matt was not only excited by his running performance, but he surpassed hi s $1,000 fundraising goal.  He hopes his experience will encourage others to find creative ways to fundraise to help children who are homeless.

“No child should have to sleep in a car or under a bridge,” said Matt. “Every family deserves a chance to be whole and have a roof over their head.”

If you are an individual or part of a group interested in doing a fundraiser for the Foundation or Bright Spaces and would like assistance with a fundraising website, please contact chrystal.terhune@brighthorizons.com.

The Foundation recognizes the Bright Horizons volunteers who are making a difference in the communities where we live and work through volunteering, engagement, and fundraising.  Volunteers can be Foundation grant recipients, Community Champions, volunteers hosting Brightening Lives Activities, and/or groups or individuals fundraising for the Foundation. If you or someone you know should be recognized, please contact the Foundation at bhfoundation@brighthorizons.com.