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National Volunteer Week: Making a Difference

April 15, 2015

RMs Brighten Lives During Staff Meeting

BLA 11Recently, the Division 6 & 7 Regional Managers came together for a meeting and mixed business with making a difference by doing a Brightening Lives Activity.

RMs Amanda Foege and Denise Campbell , who led the project, first visited the Brightening Lives Activities resource page to see what sorts of activities they could do. Then, they contacted a local shelter to ask what the children there needed.

“We set up three stations and did ‘Nighty Night,’ ‘Games, Games, Games,’ and ‘Making Play Dough.’  We choose these three activities because the six children at the shelter told me that they wanted more games and play dough,” said Amanda. “We then choose the ‘Nighty Night’ activity as we knew the ages of the six children and their needs. We also needed a BLA 3variety of activities to do at our event as we had approximately 20 people.”

“Everyone who participated I feel benefited,” said Amanda. “It is an uplifting event that we all participated in to make a difference in a child’s life.”

Brightening Lives Activities are a new resource for volunteering from the Foundation. They are an exciting new way to support our Bright Space program and other organizations in your community. Bright Horizons employees, their families, center families, customers, clients, and community partners can come together to celebrate each other and make a difference.

The Foundation recognizes the Bright Horizons volunteers who are making a difference in the communities where we live and work through volunteering, engagement, and fundraising.  Volunteers can be Foundation grant recipients, Community Champions, volunteers hosting Brightening Lives Activities, and/or groups or individuals fundraising for the Foundation. If you or someone you know should be recognized, please contact the Foundation at bhfoundation@brighthorizons.com.