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Maria Uribe, Buyer, Received Gleason Grant

Please join us in congratulating Maria Uribe, Bright Horizons Buyer, for being honored with a Gleason Grant.  The Animal Rescue League of Boston will receive a check for $250 in her name.

Maria works closely with the Center for Shelter Dogs and the Behavior department on dog socialization.  She belongs to the Mod Squad, a group of advanced volunteers who work with more difficult dogs and help with new volunteers.  She also fosters kittens, works on the spay neuter and return program (SNR) for feral cats, takes photographs for the website and magazine, and volunteers in different events.

This year Maria is working on different committees promoting the ASPCA challenge.  In the past she was awarded the “Best of Boston Volunteer” by the Animal Rescue League of Boston and “Picture Perfect” by the ASPCA.

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children provides grants to nonprofit organizations where our employees volunteer to make a difference in the lives of children and families.