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Making a Difference: Sandra Horne is Connecting with Children in New York Bright Space

July 2, 2015

sandra horneThe Bright Space at the Inn in Hempstead, New York, was created more than 10 years ago. Like many older Bright Spaces, it had been well loved and needed some TLC.

Sandra Horne, Administrative Assistant at Anna House, became interested in volunteering at a Bright Space during New Employee Orientation and contacted the Bright Space team to see if there was a match nearby where she could volunteer.

She ended up volunteering to be the Connector, or the designated Bright Horizons employee who stays in touch with the shelter hosting the Bright Space. A Connector finds out what the Bright Space and the shelter need and then helps organize volunteers to meet those needs.

β€œI am committed to go to the Inn twice a month,” says Sandra. β€œIn addition to doing cleaning and bringing some donated toys, our first visits with the children were great. We painted with water colors on canvas boards, baked cupcakes, and talked about what they wanted to do the next time we came back.”

If you are interested in being a Connector, or just volunteering for a Bright Space, please contact the Bright Space team at brightspaces@brighthorizons.com to see if there is a Bright Space near you.