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Making a Difference: Margarita Mazaracki Volunteers for More than 9 Years with La Casa Bright Space

August 3, 2015
Margarita and her daughter Jessica Sorenson

Margarita and her daughter Jessica Sorenson

Margarita Mazaracki, a recruitment coordinator for Bright Horizons in California, first started her volunteer work with La Casa in 2006, on a committee to create a Bright Space in the emergency homeless shelter.

“I was part of the committee to create a warm and welcoming area for the children and mothers to play and connect. We worked closely with La Casa to make it function in all the ways La Casa needed – an art space, a group space, and a play space for kids from 0 to 18,” says Margarita.  “On opening day, I saw the impact we created, the children were so excited, their eyes beaming with joy! The transformation of the playroom into a modern, multi-use space, filled with toys and educational materials meant so much to the children, mothers, and staff.”

Over the years, Margarita stayed involved. She raised funds during fundraisers and helped keep the Bright Space clean and organized.  Today, on top of devoted special event volunteering, Margarita serves as the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children “Connector,” or the liaison between La Casa and Bright Horizons volunteers and the Foundation.

“To know that I’m able to impact children and mothers that are going through so much in their lives has been a continuous source of inspiration,” says Margarita. “I’m also very fortunate to be able to apply for grants through our Foundation to renovate the Bright Space—that’s my next project!”

If you are interested in being a Connector, or just volunteering for a Bright Space, please contact the Bright Space team at brightspaces@brighthorizons.com to see if there is a Bright Space near you.