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Making a Difference in Bright Spaces

January 30, 2013

Teacher Amanda Hopkins recently joined a group of volunteers who have adopted the Bright Space at the Dallas Life Foundation:

“I went to the Dallas Life Foundation (largest homeless shelter in Dallas) today with two Bright Horizons directors and one teacher to work with the kiddos … such a joy and meaningful work.  A great opportunity to see where your Bright Spaces donations go to,” said Amanda.

Being able to work with the children at the shelter made such an impact on Amanda that she was inspired to personally invite the rest of her team at the Seay Child Care Center:

“It is an afternoon filled with outside play, structured craft activities, snack, and play room fun in the Bright Space. This is a chance to team build, connect with children, and really make a difference! Commitment is just once a month … who’s interested in coming with me next time?”

The Adopt a Bright Space Program is designed to help you connect with the children and families at an existing Bright Spaces.   If you are looking to adopt an existing Bright Space we will help you identify a Bright Space. If you would like to connect with a Bright Space in your area, please contact Julie Kelly, Bright Space Coordinator, at Julie.kelly@brighthorizons.com.