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Give to Help Children Brighten Lives

October 26, 2012

Give to Help Children Brighten Lives

Read a letter from Linda Whitehead, Chair of the Employee Giving Campaign for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, and Vice President of Education and Training at Bright Horizons.

Dear Bright Horizons Family,

I am very pleased to serve the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children this year as chair of the Employee Giving Campaign. I have been thinking a lot about the Foundation and “paying it forward” over the past summer.

One of the summer experiences that stood out to me was watching Olympic athletes strive to be their very best. Who could forget the U.S. gymnast, Gabby Douglas or the Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt? We pay it forward with our athletes when we invest in their physical skill development and offer them our enthusiastic cheering and support. They well deserve this support and nurturing for their extraordinary accomplishments.

What if we used the nurturing of athletes as a model and one of the ways we paid it forward was to invest similarly in nurturing children (our own and those we care for) towards lifelong commitments to making the world a better place? What if we paid it forward by our own actions including nurturing the next generation to end poverty and homelessness, global warming and instilling a commitment to peaceful living and through our donations to the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children?

I had the unique opportunity to work closely with my mentor and colleague, Jim Greenman for about ten years. One of the things Jim was most passionate about was our Toward a Better World curriculum. That was a passion we shared. One of the last things Jim asked me to do was to ensure that an updated Toward a Better World curriculum was available to the field and was put into practice. That document is available to all on Education at Bright Horizons. It can be used to inspire your work to build empathy, caring and compassion in children.

Jim and I always saw the work of The Foundation and Toward a Better World as completely complementary and intertwined. We are in a unique position to impact the next generation.Could we as centers, schools, departments or offices commit to pay it forward through our actions to make the world a better place, to nurture the next generation to learn to do the same, and to support the work of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children in brightening the lives of children who are homeless or in need?

I challenge all of us to pay it forward through our actions and our donations. It takes both. Acting together, what a powerful force for change we could be!

Won’t you join me? If you are already contributing, thank you so much and please consider if you can increase your donation. If you are donating for the first time – that is wonderful and thank you. This is our Foundation and together we are creating a better world.

Linda Whitehead