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Foundation Celebrating 15th Anniversary with Thanks

Impact Report CoverAs the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children prepares to celebrate our 15th anniversary, we look back with pride and gratitude for all we have accomplished. During the past 15 years, we have provided places to play for thousands of children. We have provided thousands of dollars in grants to help support community programs. We have engaged hundreds of Bright Horizons employees. Our impact has become much larger than we first imagined. 

The theme for celebrating our anniversary throughout the year will be “Voices of Gratitude.” We will use this theme as an opportunity to reflect on the past 15 years, acknowledge our progress and success, and share the gratitude to and from our many constituencies.

Voices of Gratitude is also the title of the Foundation’s new Impact Report, a digital magazine that celebrates the difference our programs make in people’s lives. We hope you will check it out at www.brightspaces.org/impactreport2014.

Thank all of you who have supported, volunteered, and partnered with us — watch for more stories in the coming months!