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Finding Joy Through Creating Bright Spaces®

April 5, 2019

Creating Bright Spaces is a crucial part of helping children and families in crisis, and some Bright Horizons® employees and centers have gone even a step further and created multiple Bright Spaces over the years. Employees like Center Director Nedlan Smith and Office Manager Nicole Thrasher, who both work at TSYS Learning Center in Georgia. TSYS Learning Center has opened three Bright Spaces since 2004.

For Nicole, working on the two Bright Spaces she helped create was a way to both help in the community and to develop more professional skills. “I was looking for growth and wanted to develop more leadership skills,” says Nicole. She also talked about how leading the Bright Space creation process was a huge learning experience. She helped manage the volunteers, interacted with the agency staff to find out their needs, helped develop and arrange the room, and worked on the budget – all with the support of her center management team and the Foundation staff.

“Seeing the children’s faces and knowing we helped to create this environment for them was worth it,” says Nicole. “If it weren’t for this Bright Space, some children would not have been able to experience this type of environment that is letting them experience something new, and helping them learn and grow despite what they are going through.”

Neddy had just joined Bright Horizons as a teacher when she was involved in opening TSYS Learning Center’s first Bright Space. “I was very impressed to work for a company that is willing to share resources and be part of helping someone who isn’t connected to us,” she said. She has now been involved with opening a total of three Bright Spaces, supporting Nicole and other teachers in the process.

At the grand opening of her second Bright Space, Neddy says, “I’ve got to be honest, it took everything to not burst into tears to see the children’s faces when they saw the Bright Space. “That moment, did it for me. This is exactly why we are doing it – so we can add a little joy to these children.”

If you are interested in creating or supporting a Bright Space, you can contact the Foundation’s Bright Space team at brightspaces@brighthorizons.com.