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Download Great Resources and Watch Webinars from LEGO and First Book

November 13, 2018

by Ileen Henderson, National Director of Bright Spaces

Recently, the Bright Space program had the honor or hosting two meaty and informative workshops presented by our partners, First Book and the Lego Foundation. These webinars fit together beautifully to lay the groundwork for our program design, our design strategies, and our trauma-informed volunteer emphasis. While designed for our Connector volunteers, they contain great information for anyone in the field of early childhood development.

First Book’s new Trauma Toolkit, clearly outlines the causes and implications of early trauma, and provides resources and rationale for understanding and engaging with many of our at risk children. The Toolkit helps explain the nature of trauma, the definition of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can cause trauma and toxic stress. and outlines protective factors that support healing and recovery for our children. Thanks to Julye Williams and Candace Radowski from First Book for sharing their expertise on trauma with us. Listen to this recording and download the Toolkit and share with colleagues and others.

We also hosted the LEGO Foundation’s Sarah Wolman on ‘Getting Serious about Play: Building Skills and Advancing Learning Through Play.’ This webinar highlights the philosophy and rationale for play, the simple opportunities for learning offered by the brilliant Lego materials, and enables everyone to simplify their approach with intentionality, while maximizing and deepening impact. Want to help children cope with adversity and traumatic events? Manage stress, build resilience and coping and promote deeper learning while utilizing inexpensive materials in a fun and interactive way? Listen to this recording and download the curriculum and share with colleagues and others.