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College Coach Prepares Crockpots & Cookbooks for Families Leaving Shelters

July 13, 2015

Families moving from a shelter in their own housing sometimes literally have nothing but the clothes on their back to take with them. The College Coach team at Bright Horizons decided to make some very special packages to deliver to three different Bright Spaces in Massachusetts for families moving out as a Brightening Lives Activity.

First, they gathered together their favorite crockpot recipes with an emphasis on tasty, nutritious, and easy and put together an original cookbook.

“Creating the cookbooks was a fulfilling experience. Everyone who sent in a recipe was excited about sharing their favorite dishes with the families, including myself!” said Stephanie Porter, Senior Manager at College Coach. She and Beth Feinberg Keenan, Director of College Finance, organized the event. “People really put thought into offering dishes that were healthy, family friendly, easy, and inexpensive.”

They then purchased 40 crockpots and filled them with the cookbook and utensils. Six of the crockpots were delivered to the Davis Square Bright Horizons Center in Somerville to deliver to the confidential location of a domestic violence shelter where they are working to create a new Bright Space. Long-time shelter partner St. Ambrose Family Shelter in Dorchester received 14 crockpots and will give them to families as they leave the shelter. The remaining 20 crockpots went to the Willis Family Shelter.

“It’s so important to be able to take the time to share a meal with your loved ones,” said Stephanie. “I hope that the cookbooks and crockpots will help the receiving families to create good times and memories together.”

If you are interested in doing a Brightening Lives volunteer activity, please visit our resource page.

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