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Child Survivors of Domestic Violence have a Tranquil Place to Heal at New Bright Space

April 16, 2014

AWS 2“My heart sings!” said Bright Horizons Center Director Lalaine Monteclaro after opening a new Bright Space. “This project had been on my to-do list for about 2 years, and it is such a joy to finally complete it!”

The new Bright Space opened at the Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco with the help of Lalaine and a multi-center team of Bright Horizons employees.

“It was amazing to see the transformation,” said Lalaine after attending the Grand Opening of the space, “It was wonderful to see the children actually there and playing in the space.”

Asian Women’s Shelter provides support to survivors of domestic violence and has the special cultural and linguistic expertise to provide programs in 41 languages to survivors with limited English Proficiency.AWS 1

In the Bright Space, children will have their first birthday celebrations, their first Thanksgivings, their first chances to communicate with their non-abusing parent about what is going on in their families, and their first opportunities to rebuild a strong attachment of trust, play, and possibility with that parent.

The Bright Space was made possible thanks to Bright Horizons at 221 Main, Bright Horizons at 2nd Street, Marin Day School Fremont Street, Marin Day School Spear Street, and Marin Day School Redwood City.