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Center Team Adds Teen Bright Space for Agency Partner

Through Adopting a Bright Space, center teams can continue to make a difference with their agency partner. Like the Takeda Child Development Center and their Bright Space partner WINGS in Illinois.

The team opened a Bright Space for younger children in August 2011. Then, kept in touch with them. Lisa Schipp, administrative assistant, says, “Originally, I had called to see if they needed any supplies or needs for the shelter i.e. pantry items, clothing etc.”

Instead, WINGS mentioned an unused space they had and the fact that there are 1-5 teens at the home at any time with no special place to go. So, the Takeda team got to work and updated the unused space into a Teen Bright Space.

“We received at least 10 handmade thank you cards from the children that have already had the opportunity to enjoy the space,” says Lisa.