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Bright Space at New Beginnings in Seattle Receives Makeover

August 31, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we recently completed a significant Bright Space Makeover at the New Beginnings domestic violence shelter in Seattle. The makeover was sponsored by Office Lease, a Bright Horizons vendor partner to benefit the Bright Spaces program.

Thanks to Office Lease’s generosity, we were able to makeover two rooms and an outdoor space. These Bright Spaces are used by the children and teens as their parent receives counseling or attends classes. The spaces can also be used by therapists as they work with the children and teens.

A special thanks goes out to Caty Burkett, Assistant Director at Bright Horizons at South Lake Union, for leading this project, with support from Center Director Julz Bruning. Thanks to the staff at South Lake who also helped: Alexis Adams, Kyle Branigan, Donna Dupuy, Abigail Franzwa, Nana Mizushima, Talat Momenzadeh, Blake Nieri, Nicholas Taniguchi, and Andy Wesa.