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Baking For A Cause

November 11, 2013

At Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow, young children learn to help others.

Bake saleAt Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow, the children don’t just paint, practice their handwriting and play. They learn empathy and how to be good citizens. Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow has a strong community feel and Cyndi Gallant, director, and her staff encouraged the children to see a world outside of their own. Just last week all the children at Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow rolled up their sleeves, donned their aprons and got out the flour and other baking supplies to host a bake sale.

The children quickly became passionate about helping as they measured, poured, mixed and baked several delicious treats to sell with the proceeds benefitting The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children. One of the many goals of Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow is to instill a desire in the children to volunteer as they get older.

By baking and hosting a bake sale the children are building a foundation of community service that they will carry with them beyond their years at Bright Horizons.