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Babies Benefiting From Founders Grant

August 14, 2012

This spring, Bright Horizons Teacher Caitlin Maruyama, applied for and received a Founders Grant for SIDS of Illinois, Inc. SIDS hoped to create a new parent outreach program called reading to My Baby for a Great Start with the grant money. The Foundation recently received information on how successful the program has been.

“I wanted to let you know how much our Illinois families are benefitting from the generous Founders Grant! “ said Nancy Maruyama, Executive Director, Education and Community Outreach, SIDS of Illinois, Inc. SIDS volunteers have delivered more than 100 cribs, and with them, a book to read to the baby. “The families are so excited to have their baby’s very first book! Many of the parents did not have any books of their own to read to their children and were thrilled to receive one.”

Caitlin, an infant teacher at Bright Horizons Chicago West Loop, has volunteered as a peer educator with SIDS for 9 years.

Nancy (4) “reads” a toddler book in Spanish to her baby sister Mayte.

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