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Apply for a Bright Space Grant to Fund MBFT – ‘My Baby’s First Teacher’ Program

Bright Horizons employees can apply for Bright Space Grants to help fund enrichment programs at their local Bright Space, such as My Baby’s First Teacher (MBFT)MBFT for web.

“I liked the [My Baby’s First Teacher®] classes.  The info about kids’ brains was helpful,” said Shaterria, a graduate of the MBFT program held at the Safe Haven Bright Space in Nashville. Since completing the program, Shaterria’s communication skills with her children have improved, including enunciating more clearly and assigning meaning to baby babbles, according to the shelter director.

Sheryl Umayam, the Connector volunteer for the Safe Haven Bright Space, helped bring MBFT to Safe Haven twice within a year and provided onsite support during most of the lessons.

She said, “Most of the mothers already have other children, and it was inspiring to see them eager to learn and be better mothers with their next child.  It also warmed my heart to see them help each other, especially the more experienced moms sharing their knowledge.  One mom in particular started out shy, but over time, she became more confident, actively engaged, and embraced being a ‘mommy mentor’ to the others.”

To apply for a Bright Space Grant, contact the Bright Spaces team at brightspaces@brighthorizons.com.

To learn more about My Baby’s First Teacher, view our webinar.