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Annual Chicago Summit Celebrates Good Work Across Region

September 3, 2019

By Ileen Henderson, National Director of Bright Spaces

More than 50 Bright Horizons employees from across the Chicagoland geography recently gathered at the Kemper Lakes Child Development Center at the third Chicago Connector Summit to celebrate OUR Foundation. For the first time, we had attendees from the Ed Assist team, Human Resources, IT, and the Sales and Client facing teams join our Bright Horizons Operations Connections as well as five of our local agency partners. The event was hosted by our Foundation Ambassadors in the region, Center Director Lynne Hayes Thompson and Talent Acquisition Sourcer Nena Brown.

Events included:

  • Keynote speaker and DVP Kendra Kett sharing the story of her support for our Foundation and inspiring everyone in the room to find new ways to personalize their volunteering and, like Kendra, to make this ‘MY Foundation’ and really integrate service opportunities into their work, and family life.
  • A panel discussion about the innovative ways employees have found to bring their skills and passion to their Foundation work – such as Nena using her recruitment skills to assist shelter residents cultivate better interviewing skills.
  • A Brightening Lives Activity decorating onesies and combining them in small bags with diapers and wipes to create emergency baby care kits that our agency partners took back to their Bright Spaces.

Our action takeaways included a commitment to find innovative ways to involve more of each participant’s team members and to continue to recognize the broad based participation happening as the partnerships between our Bright Horizons family and our 30+ Bright Spaces in Chicagoland continue to evolve.